6 Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Primary Bathroom

6 Signs It’s Time to Remodel Your Primary Bathroom

Looking for a remodeling option that adds immediate value to your home, while also making your home lifestyle more delightful? Then it’s time to update your main bathroom so that it looks and functions exactly the way you want it to.

What’s great about renovating your primary bath is how much it can add to your life, giving you more space to relax. And since an updated bathroom recoups most of your investment, it’s a smart remodeling option to create resale value too.

So, how do you recognize it’s time to renovate your main bathroom? Look for these signs—then take the leap and reap the benefits!

1. Your Bathroom Lifestyle Needs Have Changed 

As time goes by, things change, and your home needs to be updated to fit those changes. So, consider if any of these common shifts apply to you:

  • Your family is getting bigger, children are growing up, and/or relatives have moved in—making a Jack-and-Jill bath handy.
  • Grown children have moved out, and you have freedom to adapt to your new, empty-nester lifestyle—with elegant bath spa features.
  • You or someone in your family is aging and would benefit from accommodations such as slip-free floors, grab bars, and no-lip showers.

Simply put, if your bathroom isn’t living up to what you need from it right now, remodeling will get it to function as it should.

2. You Long for a More Modern Style 

A bathroom’s basic functionality can last a long time without an upgrade, which may be fine for a while. But eventually, you’ll find yourself ready to enjoy a fresher look for your home—and a modern bath goes a long way toward creating that.

Why not dream a little about the options here? A few popular choices right now for a contemporary master bath include:

  • Gorgeous standalone tub to enjoy luxurious soaking and self-care
  • Attractive tile with sleek and colorful patterns to create visual pop
  • Elegant stained glass or textured glass features to bring in light while maintaining privacy

And there are so many other ways to create a new style! With the right team (like ours!) to help you plan, the possibilities are endless.

3. You Want Specialty Bathroom Features for Added Comfort 

You spend time each day using your bath, so don’t you deserve to have the features that would give you the most enjoyable experience you can imagine? We think you do! Get rid of those ugly, builder-grade fixtures and personalize the space with choices like these:

  • Install a luxe, spacious shower/sauna with multiple shower heads and remote controls to heat the water long before you walk in.
  • Get creative with unique sink and pedestal designs—from rustic farmhouse white, to dazzling colorful stone mosaics, or whatever pleases your eye the most.
  • Add dimmable LED lights so you can relax and primp in perfect comfort.

Ultimately, your main bath should fit your needs to a T. And if you lack a master bath, an addition that gives you one is a perfect time to add these specialty features.

4. You’re Desperate for More Space and Storage 

Your bath is usually the smallest room in your house—but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with a lack of space to move around, or a cluttered counter that is simply hard to conveniently utilize. 

Enjoy better use out of your existing bathroom with smart redesigns that rework the space and create better flow:

  • Remove an unused tub and replace it with a bigger, more appealing shower.
  • Get rid of bulky double vanities and replace them with a small pedestal sink.
  • Restructure the layout of the room to gain added space for cabinets or shelving.

And if your existing bathroom’s space just won’t cut it, a home addition can give you a lovely, spacious master bath that accommodates all your needs.

5. You Have Bath Repairs and Damage to Address 

A lot of older baths hide water damage from undetected leaks. Or maybe that damage isn’t exactly hidden—leaving you with ugly water stains, loose floorboards, or other frustrating problems.

In this case, repairs are vital to safeguarding your home’s value. Remember, these repairs can create long-lasting benefits:

  • Upgrade the space with modern materials designed to be highly durable and resistant to water damage.
  • Use full-length shower walls rather than tile and caulk to reduce mildew growth.
  • Invest in moisture-resistant paint to keep water stains at bay.

Since bathroom remodels provide one of the highest returns on your remodeling dollars, making repairs promptly is a smart decision—and a perfect time to modernize your main bath.

6. You’d Like a More Eco-Friendly Home 

Older-style bathrooms have fixtures that use a lot of water, which can add significantly to your water bills. And if the steam doesn’t dissipate efficiently due to a lack of proper venting, there’s more of a chance you’ll get nasty mold and mildew too.

Nix those issues with fixes like these: 

  • Touchless faucets which turn on and off automatically
  • Modern toilets with dual flush buttons that help reduce water usage
  • New ventilation fans and features that draw moisture away, preventing mold and mildew
  • LED lighting and/or larger windows to bring in more natural light

Need more ideas? We love getting creative to help you get eco-friendly results.

Bathroom Remodeling from a Team You Can Trust   

Beautiful, functional, up-to-date bathrooms are essential to your enjoyment of your Chester County, PA home. So, as you consider upgrades for your bath areas and any other space in your house that needs a loving upgrade, turn to a local team you can trust to do the work to your delight.

As a custom home builder, Distinctive Homes makes planning and executing additions and renovations a breeze. We listen to your needs and craft a personalized remodel that brings your dreams to life. 

Connect with us to learn more about how our renovation and remodeling options are designed to fit your home to perfection. 

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