7 Must-Have Tips to Design Your Siding Replacement with James Hardie Siding Products

7 Must-Have Tips to Design Your Siding Replacement with James Hardie Siding Products

Upgrading your exterior with gorgeous, long-lasting James Hardie siding? You’ll want to give thought to your new design scheme. With so many color and style patterns to choose from these days, it’s an exciting time to give your home a facelift. And hiring a James Hardie Preferred siding contractor will ensure your new dream design is properly installed to provide you with enduring beauty.

You’re sure to enjoy the unique style you can achieve with Hardie products. As you make the most of your opportunity to redesign your house’s exterior with lasting fiber cement siding, keep in mind these tips for creating lovely curb appeal for your home.

1. Imitate Attractive Designs

Perhaps you’ve driven by a house and noticed its superior curb appeal. When making the choice to replace your home’s exterior, why not replicate that design in ways that fit your own house? For example, if you see a color scheme you really like, make use of it on your own siding.

And don’t limit yourself to driving around your neighborhood. You can discover the perfect exterior style and color design in a magazine or on a website like Pinterest, and make it your own.

You can even play around with design by using James Hardie’s innovative home visualizer tool to see how your house will look before committing to a specific style or color scheme.

2. Consider Your Area

Where you live can play a significant role in choosing the color scheme of your home. For example, homeowners who live along Lake Erie may desire to match the cool tones of the lake’s blue-green waters, while those who dwell in the Poconos may consider a more earthy color scheme to match the gorgeous outdoor aesthetics of the area.

You may also want to look for a design that is completely opposite of your area’s natural color scheme for the sake of contrast. Whether you want to blend in or stand out, a quick look at your surroundings can easily inspire your style choices.

3. Choose Cohesive Colors

A coordinated color scheme begins with choosing the main shade of your home’s exterior. Hardie siding comes in numerous tints, including those most popular on Chester County houses. If you want more versatility, consider pre-primed siding that can be painted any shade after installation, or select one of over 700 vibrant, lasting colors baked on with James Hardie’s ColorPlus® technology.

Once you’ve chosen your main exterior color, it’s time to decide on accents.

  • Use analogous accents, which are a shade or two away from your primary exterior color, to produce a clean, calm feel.
  • Create eye-catching contrasts with complementary color schemes to give greater pop to parts of your home you want to highlight.
  • Go neutral by using blacks, whites, greys, creams or browns for your accents.

Your choice ultimately depends on your personal style and what is most becoming to your home’s architecture.

4. Blend Brick and Siding

The natural color of your brick will influence the color you choose for your siding. If your brick color is a shade of red, a warm neutral color from James Hardie, like Cobble Stone, can tie any home together. Brown-tinted brick looks fantastic when matched with a lighter shade of blue, like Boothbay Blue, also from the ColorPlus collection.

5. Consider a Stone and Siding Combo

If you have stone areas of your exterior, you may want to consider neutral, earthy tones for your Hardie siding. Here are some popular suggestions:

  • Mountain Sage: A natural green that is neither too light nor too dark, Mountain Sage combines wonderfully with warm neutrals.
  • Midnight Black or Arctic White: Hardie’s Arctic White combined with stone can mimic the pristine tones of snowcapped mountains. Midnight Black creates a formal, bold look. When combined, black and white with a stone house is elegant and dignified.
  • Khaki Brown or Autumn Tan: Earthy neutrals like these, combined with stone, provide an understated but beautiful look.
  • Pearl Gray: An elegant neutral that mimics the pearlescent look of sand or seashells, Pearl Gray is a perfect accent to stone.

6. Get Rid of Stucco for Good with James Hardie Siding

As you design your home’s new look, remember that old stucco really hinders curb appeal — and fiber cement siding is a popular and lasting replacement option. Pennsylvania homeowners often face failing stucco due to moisture, mold and other issues. Repairing stucco can be costly and time-consuming.

Replacing your stucco with a more durable, low-maintenance product, like Hardie siding, makes it simpler to care for your home while getting a gorgeous exterior design that lasts for decades.

7. Know Your Financing Options

Our three financing options make it easy to expand your buying power when remodeling your exterior with Hardie siding.

Cash-out Refinance

Draw on the equity you have in your home by refinancing your current mortgage. Take the lowest monthly payment by extending the term out up to 30 years, and use the extra cash for your home upgrade.

Short-Term Private Quick Cash

If you don’t qualify for a traditional mortgage and need cash for your remodel, many private lenders can help you get the financing you need.

Home Equity Line of Credit

An interest-only or principal and interest line of credit, using the equity in your house, can give you the funds necessary to get the beautiful new exterior you’ve been planning all these years.

Love Your New Home Exterior Design

When you’re ready for your home exterior remodel, turn to an expert remodeling company like ours. We’re a James Hardie Preferred siding contractor, which means we’re trained and experienced in installing Hardie siding properly, ensuring the design looks great and protecting your warranty.

We’ll also help you assess the condition of your current exterior, guide you on stucco remediation, and help you choose Hardie siding colors and styles so your home has stunning curb appeal for years to come.

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