8 Bathroom Layouts to Consider for Your Remodeling Project

8 Bathroom Layouts to Consider for Your Remodeling Project

You may not think about it often, but bathrooms are incredibly versatile spaces that you can use for practical needs, like hygiene and storage, or as a place for relaxation and rejuvenation. 

However, it’s essential to have suitable types of bathrooms to serve the needs of your family, guests, and long-term visitors. 

Whether you’re building a brand-new bathroom or renovating one, read through these standard bathroom layouts to find the perfect one for your home!

Common Types of Bathroom Layouts

Bathrooms usually have four major components—shower, bathtub, sink, and toilet. You can mix and match these features to create a layout that fits your available space and unique needs for your bathroom. When all four components are combined, they make a full bathroom. Three parts create a three-quarter bathroom, and two create a half bathroom.

Regardless of which type of bathroom you select, you can customize the space with cabinets, shelving, mirrors, countertops, and other features that add style, functionality, and appeal.

1. Full Bathroom

Full bathrooms have all four major bathroom components—a toilet, sink, shower, and a bathtub or bathtub/shower combination. They typically have a center or side layout.

Center layouts include bathroom features on both walls. Typically, the toilet and sink are on one side, and the bathtub and shower are on the other, so you can easily access all the bathroom features. Side layouts include all the bathroom features on one side of the room.

Most homes have at least one full bathroom because this layout can squeeze lots of functionality into a small, practical space.

2. Three-Quarter Bathroom

Three-quarter bathrooms typically include a toilet, sink, and shower and are usually arranged with all three components against one wall. They’re often smaller than full bathrooms since they don’t include a bathtub, but they usually still have plenty of vanity and storage space.

Three-quarter bathrooms may be used for long-term guests since they offer all the bathroom necessities without taking up tons of space. They’re also a great alternative if your home’s layout doesn’t allow enough square footage for a full bathroom.

3. Half Bathroom (or Powder Room)

Half bathrooms are small bathroom spaces popularly known as “powder rooms” that include a toilet and a sink and are often found on a home’s ground floor beside the kitchen or living room.

Half bathrooms provide a convenient location for visitors to relieve themselves without traveling through the homeowner’s bathroom or bedroom spaces. Since guests primarily use them, these bathrooms don’t offer much storage space for toiletries and personal items.

4. Quarter Bathroom

Quarter bathrooms are a less common bathroom layout with one bathroom component—typically a toilet or shower stall. They’re also called “utility toilets” or “utility showers.” 

These bathrooms are usually found on the lower levels or basement of older homes, and they’re typically added by the homeowners, not by the original builder. They’re a practical addition to homes that allow someone, like a handyman or landscaper, to freshen up or attend to their business without entering the home’s main entrance.

5. Master Bathroom

The master bathroom, otherwise known as the primary bathroom or ensuite bathroom, is attached to the master bedroom. It is usually the most spacious, private, and luxurious bathroom in the house, and is meant to be used by the inhabitants of the primary bedroom, typically the homeowners.

Master bathrooms may feature the following elements:

  • Therapeutic steam showers
  • Walk-in showers with multiple showerheads
  • Dry saunas or steam rooms
  • Double vanities with sinks and mirrors
  • Spacious walk-in closets or storage cabinets
  • Luxurious jetted soaking tubs
  • Semi-enclosed toilets

Investing in your master bathroom can result in a significant return on investment. You can also upgrade a full bathroom into a primary bathroom to create a luxurious retreat or add a master bathroom to your house with a home addition.

6. Jack-and-Jill Bathroom

Jack-and-Jill bathrooms are placed between two bedrooms and typically include two entryways—one from each bedroom. They usually have one toilet, a shower or tub, and two sinks, and they are popularly situated between two children’s bedrooms.

7. Split Bathroom

As you can probably guess, split bathrooms are divided into two separate sections. You’ll find the sink and vanity in one area, and in the other, you’ll usually find the shower and toilet. Another layout may include the sink, vanity, and toilet in one section and just the shower in the other to prevent the build-up of humidity in the whole bathroom. 

This bathroom style is ideal when the space needs to be shared by two people, such as siblings, because it gives each person the opportunity to use the bathroom simultaneously for different purposes. Remodeling your full or three-quarter bathroom into a split bathroom may be a great idea as your kids get older and spend more time getting ready.

8. Accessible Bathroom

It’s always wise to install an accessible bathroom in your home—a larger bathroom designed for wheelchair users. Whether you have an elderly family member or aging parent living with you, or you’d simply like to prepare your home for aging in place, accessible bathrooms are a great investment. They have features like shower bars, raised toilets, and motion-sensor lights that can easily be incorporated into an existing bathroom space.

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