Landenberg Area Homeowner Upgrades Failing Stucco and Windows

Landenberg Area Homeowner Upgrades Failing Stucco and Windows

Location: Landenberg
Renovations: Stucco Removal, James Hardie Install, New Windows by Anderson

Deteriorating Stucco and Serious Moisture Issues

After hearing about our services and top reputation from a close friend, our client in Landenberg came to us with major concerns about their home. The old stucco siding had been poorly installed, and as a result, the home was left with water infiltration, mold, and rotten wood. Even the windows were in terrible disrepair thanks to the stucco issues, allowing all kinds of moisture and cold Pennsylvania air to make its way into their home. The home exterior needed a complete overhaul.

Stucco Remediation Services to Regain Structural Integrity

It was understandable that after running into such problems with their stucco, our homeowners wanted to thoroughly research their replacement siding and window options. After consulting for nearly a year, together we selected James Hardie Siding and new windows by Andersen to keep their home protected. 

Additionally, our Distinctive Homes team completed an entire redesign of the front elevation of the home during this consultation process, adding a new front porch and transforming the entire look of the home. This solution also included interior window trim changes, other upgrades, and painting to ensure a stunning, cohesive final look. 

A Renewed Sense of Security

After removing the old stucco, replacing all the rotting wood, and addressing any existing mold issues, we got to work rebuilding and renovating this Landenberg home. 

We removed all traces of previous water damage, and thanks to the durability of James Hardie siding and the sturdiness of the new Andersen windows, we improved the energy efficiency of the entire home. Our skilled craftsman installed all windows and siding to exact manufacturer specifications to avoid any issues like those the homeowner dealt with thanks to their old stucco siding.  

Plus, the homeowners were thrilled with their home’s new look and extra outdoor living space. They also love just how long-lasting and low-maintenance their home’s new siding is and are sure to love the results for decades to come.

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