The Cost and Value of Hardie Siding for a Full Siding Replacement

The Cost and Value of Hardie Siding for a Full Siding Replacement

If you’ve begun the process of looking for a replacement siding for your home, then the numbers are likely already starting to crunch in your head. How much is a siding replacement going to cost you? Is it worth the money you’ll be putting into it? If you ever decide to sell, will you see a good return?

As a siding contractor, we understand the value that quality siding brings to a home. But it’s still important to keep your budget in mind. 

Whether you simply need new siding or you are one of many Chester County homeowners facing stucco failure, a replacement of James Hardie fiber cement is a great investment.

Factors that Affect the Cost of a Siding Replacement

So, what goes into the quotes you’ll get from contractors?

Material Selection

The siding itself will be the biggest cost factor. Hardie siding is a relatively cost-effective replacement option. It not only has a variety of siding styles to choose from, but it comes in two paint options— primed boards and ColorPlus boards.

ColorPlus boards have a slightly higher upfront cost but lack the additional costs of alternative paint and painting labor.


The man-hours involved in the installation process are an additional expense. Sidings that require heavy amounts of labor (such as brick, stone, or stucco) will take more time and therefore cost more to install. The simpler the installation process, the less the replacement will cost.

Don’t fall into the trap of DIYing your Hardie siding replacement. Hardie products have warranties that back the performance and longevity of the product. Improper installation will not only void your warranty but can also be the reason for the siding failure.

House Size

The more house you have to cover, the more siding you will need. Two-story houses cost more than single-stories since replacing second-story siding can be more tedious and time-consuming, requiring ladders and extra manpower to reach the higher levels.


Homes with many edges or intricacies needing to be trimmed out cost more for installation and material. The cost can also vary if your home’s design requires more than one type of siding material or style. Custom-looking exteriors appear more expensive, but that’s often because they are.

Decking or Porches

If your home has a deck or porch, it may also have experienced water damage due to siding failure. If you see heavy amounts of mold or mildew, don’t just replace your siding, replace your deck as well. While this may add to the cost, Hardie siding will lay flat without a “wave” effect when new decking is installed. And both replacements will help the exterior of your home last longer.


Believe it or not, where you live can affect siding costs, as can the actual layout of your yard. Areas that require longer travel or are more difficult to access cost more. And hard to navigate yards can make hauling material or equipment more difficult too.

Prep Work

While prep work is a subset of labor, we thought it was worth mentioning. Siding isn’t just about the exact product installed. It also requires a solid structure to build from, as well as installing the proper underlayments to protect from moisture or sometimes insulate a home. The removal of old damaged siding, such as with stucco failure, or repair work involved in remediating rotting or broken studs will also add to the overall cost. But having the project completed properly is essential to the lifespan and value of your siding investment.

See what you need to know about stucco failure with our complete remediation guide.

What Makes a Siding a Great Investment

Don’t overlook the factors that will add value to your home and life—even if they come with more expense. Many factors can affect the value of your siding replacement. So, what makes a siding replacement great?

State of Your Current Siding

If your current siding isn’t properly performing, is broken and allowing water intrusion in your home, or is outdated and leaving your home bland, then updating your siding is a great investment. Stucco failure is a major problem for Chester County homeowners, which can lead to framing and interior damage as well as decking problems. When this happens, having a professional completely remediate the issue is an extremely valuable investment.

Beauty and Options

A beautiful home is more valuable and makes you happier. Invest in a siding that looks high-end. It truly will make you love your home more. Having options to choose from gives you more freedom to customize your siding to match your exact design style. Overall, you’ll experience a home that looks better and adds greater value.


The longer a siding lasts, the tougher it is and the more value it will add. Durable siding means fewer replacements and repairs over the lifespan of the product, and it also equates to a siding that looks better throughout the years. Hardie Siding lasts for decades and is:

Maintenance Needs

Seeking out a low-maintenance siding option makes life easier. Hardie siding is extremely low-maintenance. It simply needs to be cleaned once a year. And while many sidings need to be painted throughout the years, James Hardie’s ColorPlus Technology lasts for years on end without fading or chipping. This makes Hardie siding a low-cost siding to upkeep.

Invest in Long-Lasting Siding Protection

Our Distinctive Homes team specializes in stucco remediation. When your siding is failing you, we want to provide you with a product and installation that won’t. Leaving siding problems or taking shortcuts through the remediation process can result in faulty installations or sidings that need to be replaced frequently.

If your water-damaged or failing stucco needs to be addressed, our team can help. Get stucco remediation today.

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