Transforming a Historic Cottage into a Timeless Masterpiece

Location: Wilmington, DE
Renovations: Interior & Exterior Historic Renovation

At Distinctive Homes, we believe that every homeowner has a unique story to tell, and we’re proud to share the story of our latest project – a renovated cottage located in Wilmington, DE. Our team worked closely with the homeowner to bring his vision to life, and the results are truly remarkable!



Beautiful home restored


Choosing Distinctive Homes for A Historic Home Transformation

The homeowner chose our company because of our expertise in executing the fine details a historic home renovation involves, as well as the ability to reuse reclaimed materials. 

Our team met with an architect well seasoned in older/historic homes, who we work closely with as he does a lot of work for us. Together, we visited various stone and wood salvage yards in the area to source the materials that would meet the architect and client’s high standards.

Salvaged Materials and Fine Details

We provided a full renovation of the historic cottage home. Our team used many refurbished items, including barnwood and original herringbone brick floors, and the siding was made from Alaskan yellow cedar. We consulted with timber framers and timber suppliers from all over to find products to serve the purposes we needed for this project.  Instead of paint, we opted for an all-natural finish which truly tied the project together. 

We faced an extended lead time for Alaskan yellow cedar, which was a specific material specified in the plans. Fortunately, our ability to execute fine details and reuse reclaimed materials gave us an edge in solving the problem.

The project boasts many unique details, including reclaimed granite stones for the fireplace inside and outside, cast concrete bathtub and countertops, real copper gutters, real slate roof, mahogany windows, pergola, geothermal heat, breezeway to greenhouse, folding doors that were custom-built on-site, as were the barn wood kitchen cabinets and shelves, and greenhouse tables – all custom built. We also included a custom-built well spring house with a state-of-the-art water filtration system, and EMF shielding system throughout the whole house.

Any challenges that we faced were a team effort with the architect and Distinctive Homes team to find a solution that would benefit the client and the integrity of the home they wanted to remodel.

Elevating Homeowner Dreams

Wilmington DE Historic Cottage Remodel

After seeing his updated home, the client was blown away and said, “Wow, exactly what I wanted!” He couldn’t wait to finish his fitness center and other buildings. We’re currently working on his large fitness center adjacent to the cottage and his separate greenhouse, as well as his forever home.

At Distinctive Homes, we’re proud to help homeowners achieve their dream homes with ease and confidence. Let us help you create your next remarkable living space! Contact us to schedule a consultation!

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