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Get Lasting Solutions for Frustrating Stucco Failures In Chester County, PA

At the heart of stucco failure is moisture damage—which can result in ongoing issues that worsen over time. On the surface, you may see siding damage, but if left unattended long enough, damage will affect other areas of your home. To protect your home, you need trustworthy stucco remediation and removal with a siding installation solution that lasts.

At Distinctive Homes, we understand the frustration deteriorating stucco causes. We’ll help you eliminate stucco failure so you can be confident in your home again.

Replace Damaged Stucco with Fiber Cement Siding

Cosmetic repairs don’t get rid of the moisture damage that causes stucco deterioration—so your home’s structural integrity can still be at risk. We recommend a fiber cement siding replacement with top-performing James Hardie Fiber Cement siding.

What is fiber cement siding?

Made from a mixture of sand, wood fiber and Portland cement, fiber cement siding is strong and attractive. Its ability to withstand wear and tear makes it appealing as a long-term home exterior solution.
James Hardie Siding

Benefits of installing Hardie Board siding

Additional services to beautify your home

Get a lovely, lasting look for your house from top to bottom with new roofing, window replacements, and more.

Chester County Stucco Remediation Contractor

How to Recognize Stucco Damage

The longer stucco is left to deteriorate, the worse it is for your home. Signs of stucco damage include:

  • Stains and cracks
  • Windows hard to open/close
  • Wood rot
  • Gaps around windows/doors
  • Damaged wall caps
  • Missing flashing

Stages of Stucco Failure

  • Stage 1 — Moisture gets behind the stucco and can’t escape.
  • Stage 2 — Moisture damages insulation and promotes mold growth.
  • Stage 3 — Rot affects drywall, window frames, and chimney.
  • Stage 4 — The home’s frame, support beams, and walls are damaged.

Mold Remediation

Stucco damage can result in unhealthy mold growth. We provide referrals for thorough moisture remediation for stucco, stone veneer and wood siding.

5 Stars

“Our experience with Distinctive Homes to repair and replace our stucco remediation issue on our whole home was outstanding. They reviewed our options with us, explained how they determined the cost, and described the process. We opted to replace the stucco with Hardie plank siding and could not be happier we our choice. The siding installation crew was professional and courteous, going out of their way to do everything we wanted.”
— TOM M.

We Approach Stucco Remediation & Removal Differently

James Hardie Preferred ContractorAt Distinctive Homes, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners in Chester County protect their home investment with durable products and sound construction. Among the advantages we offer you:

  • Full Range of Services — From inspection and siding to roofing, plumbing and electric, our team can do it all.
  • Thoroughness —We address a home’s entire condition, not just cosmetic issues.
  • Options — We explain your choices so you can decide what’s best for you.
  • Financing — We offer in-house solutions to help you stay on budget.