11 Reasons to Create an Open Kitchen Concept When Remodeling

11 Reasons to Create an Open Kitchen Concept When Remodeling

Being it’s the heart of the home, updating your kitchen with a fresh remodel can bring life and light to a once dim location. If your kitchen is “closed” or surrounded by walls, it can give you a feeling of separation while you work hard to prepare meals for your family and friends.

Refreshingly, open kitchen concepts don’t just drop the walls that surround your beloved kitchen space—they also drop the limits on what you can do from that space once it expands. 

Benefits of an Open Kitchen Renovation

See for yourself why homeowners with closed kitchens are remodeling to create an open kitchen concept and enjoy a better lifestyle

1. Brighter kitchen lighting

Closed kitchens offer limited opportunities for windows and natural light to fill the atmosphere, making it a darker space to function in daily. 

Open Kitchen Concept: The more natural light you have pouring into your kitchen, the more it lifts the moods of all who enter. Create a great room with bright, inviting space that is unmatched by closed kitchens. Gain access to more natural light flooding your kitchen area (because adjoining rooms usually have lots of windows). 

2. Maximized kitchen space

A closed kitchen isn’t a great use of space for most homes. 

Open Kitchen Concept: When walls and doors are eliminated to create a great room, with the kitchen as the hub, your home’s square footage will be used more efficiently, and your space will appear larger. 

3. More socialization

Greater isolation, rather than socialization, is experienced by most people with a closed kitchen. 

Open Kitchen Concept: Get your food prep done while you socialize with your family and/or friends in your open kitchen

4. Multiuse island space

There typically isn’t room for an island in a closed kitchen, limiting the activities that can go on in that area. 

Open Kitchen Concept: Add an attractive island to your open kitchen and enjoy more seating, easy access to counter space for food preparation, and added cabinet space underneath. 

5. Abundant multitasking opportunities

In a closed kitchen, you’re limited to preparing food and cleaning up from cooking in that space. 

Open Kitchen Concept: Combine activities from the great room with your daily cooking and food preparation. Enjoy the opportunity to supervise your kids while you perform kitchen tasks, or follow a cooking tutorial on your TV from the kitchen, and more. 

6. Better flow to your space

Closed kitchens put a barrier between your kitchen and dining room, making it more of an obstacle course to transport food and beverages from one room to another before and after meals. 

Open Kitchen Concept: Enjoy the ease of flow with an open kitchen’s proximity between your eating space and your food prep area, making cleanup easy. 

7. Bigger feel to the kitchen space

Closed kitchens are not a good fit particularly for smaller homes because they make the area feel even more enclosed. Closed kitchens hinder the flow of a home and make the kitchen feel tinier than it already is. 

Open Kitchen Concept: Connecting rooms and removing walls gives your home a completely different feel. You’ll be amazed at how much bigger your home feels when you eliminate your kitchen’s walls and create a great room. You’re going to love it!

8. More than one cook

It’s tough to squeeze additional cooks into a closed kitchen space.

Open Kitchen Concept: The added space accommodates more cooks in the kitchen so you can liven up your dinner prep time, recruit help from your household, and teach your kids to cook more readily. 

9. Increased home value

Closed kitchens date your home and are not as desirable to most buyers as open kitchens.

Open Kitchen Concept: Since open kitchens are so popular, your home’s value will increase significantly once you remodel. It will also boost your credit because you will instantly have more equity in your property than you did before creating an open kitchen. 

10. Entertain with ease

Closed kitchens make it difficult to entertain family and friends.

Open Kitchen Concept: When entertaining from an open kitchen space, your interaction can be fluid and uninterrupted throughout the gathering, enhancing your quality of life and enjoyment of time spent with the people you love most. 

11. Create togetherness

If you have ever been stuck in a closed kitchen making tedious recipes and hearing (but not seeing) your kids in the next room, you understand why an open concept kitchen is more desirable. 

Open Concept Kitchen: Homes are for gathering, and you can never put a price tag on the value of time spent together as a family. Designing a home remodel that will not only enhance your house’s beauty, but also facilitate togetherness as a family gives you ample reasons to invest in this remarkable upgrade. 

Create an Open Kitchen Concept to Maximize Your Life

Life is too short to waste even a moment of it. An open kitchen concept will enhance daily living, bring a fresh start to each day, and encourage together time more readily. 

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